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Large Format Tile: The Beauty of Blurring the Lines

Jul 27th, 2023

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Impressive dimensions with seamless edges have revolutionized our spatial perception. From stunning floor installations to eye-catching wall designs, large-format tiles can make any space a masterpiece.

Look through these modern examples of the large-format trend, and explore their effect on indoor and outdoor worlds.

Go Big, Go Home

By definition, large-format tiles exceed the conventional dimensions of standard tiles with one side length exceeding 15 inches. Quickly, the category has grown to include dimensions from 24×24 all the way up to 40×120. Inside the home, the clean lines and sleek surfaces of large-format tile exude sophistication, elevation, and grace.

Crossville - In-Side

Seamless Spaces

Interior designers leverage large-format tiles for their ability to create a seamless design. With fewer grout lines, the continuity of the tile surface is unbroken, resulting in a visually cohesive and expansive look. Large tiles are an excellent choice for open-concept spaces where an uninterrupted flow between different areas is the aim.

Crossville - Ardesia a Spacco

The illusion makes spaces appear large. Expansive dimensions trick the eye into perceiving a room as continuous; a particularly useful strategy for small or narrow spaces, where the use of smaller tiles may create a fragmented look.

Florida Tile - NY2LA in Chelsea Black

Outdoor Elegance

The beauty of large-format tiles extends beyond interior spaces and into the great outdoors. Outdoor patios and terraces benefit from the elegance and durability of 24x24s. Large slabs of sleek tile create a fluid transition from indoor to outdoor areas for a harmonious, visually striking design.

Around pools, large tiles make a bold statement. Their expansive size and smooth finish create a luxurious and contemporary poolside aesthetic, and the non-slip properties of some styles ensure both safety and style, making them an ideal choice.

Florida Tile - NY2LA in Brentwood Beige

For architectural facades, large format tiles are fresh and modern. Big dimensions create uninterrupted surfaces that showcase the building's design.

Florida Tile - Precious in Calcutta

Selection & Protection

Selecting the appropriate proportion of tile for your space is crucial to achieving your dream aesthetic. Consider the dimensions of the room, the surrounding design cues, and the existing materials. The material and finish of the tile should align with the intended style and functional requirements of the space. Whether you’re opting for a monochromatic look or incorporating bold patterns, select the tiles that complement the surrounding elements to create the right feel.

Due to their size and weight, large-format tiles present challenges during handling, transportation, and installation. Proper techniques and equipment should be employed to prevent breakage and ensure the safety of both installers and the tiles themselves. Visit our showroom and ask our team members how to work with experienced professionals to handle the logistics effectively.

Finally, large-format tiles are known for their durability. For a forever fresh look, keep them clean and free from stains with routine cleaning. Mild, pH-neutral cleaners will preserve the tile's appearance. In the case of stains, use appropriate cleaning methods and products to remove them without damaging the tile's surface. Otherwise, avoiding heavy impacts and using furniture pads can help protect the tiles from wear and tear.

With the visual and practical benefits of large-format tile, our design experts consider this a trend that’s here to stay. Take a look at our large-format selection, and think big!