Natural stone offers a touch of elegance to your space

Every homeowner seeks a floor that is durable and exudes an aura of luxury and elegance. Enter natural stone—a timeless option that effortlessly transforms any space. Whether you are redesigning a stately living room or updating a modern kitchen, the richness and diversity of natural stone offer unparalleled beauty. In this product guide, let’s delve into the distinctive benefits of four prominent types of stone floor tiles: marble, travertine, granite, and limestone.

Marble: the epitome of luxury

Marble stands as a hallmark of luxury, and its use in flooring is no exception. Marble originates from metamorphic rock and boasts a rich palette of colors, from pure white to deep blacks, and a spectrum of greens, browns, and reds. The benefits of marble flooring include the following:
  • Aesthetic appeal: The unique veining and swirls in each marble tile guarantee a unique design for your floors.
  • Durability: Despite its seemingly delicate appearance, marble is tough, offering long-lasting durability when maintained properly.
  • Customizability: Our manufacturer partners have invested heavily in technology that allows us to create custom designs, patterns, finishes, and styles.

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Travertine tile: rustic and robust

Travertine, a form of limestone, lends a rustic charm to any room. Its earth-toned colors and pitted surface are reminiscent of ancient Roman baths and temples, infusing spaces with a historic touch. The benefits of travertine tile include the following:
  • Versatility: Travertine tiles are available in various finishes, such as tumbled, honed, or polished.
  • Eco-friendly: It’s a naturally occurring material, which means its extraction and processing have a smaller carbon footprint compared to other flooring options.
  • Easy maintenance: With simple sealing and regular cleaning, travertine floors can last for decades without losing their allure.
Natural stone in Rochester, NY from Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Limestone tiles: subtle sophistication

Limestone is derived from sedimentary rock and is beloved for its soft, earthy hues and subtle natural patterns. It's a perfect option for homeowners seeking understated elegance. The benefits of limestone tiles include the following:
  • Natural look: Limestone floors have a muted, organic appearance that pairs beautifully with a range of interior designs.
  • Flexibility: These tiles can be cut into various sizes, allowing for diverse design possibilities.
  • Cost-effective: Often, limestone is more affordable than other natural stone options without compromising on beauty.

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Natural stone isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an investment in durability and timeless elegance. From the luxury look of marble to the historic charm of travertine, the classic strength of granite to the understated beauty of limestone, there’s a natural stone for every taste and every home. Dive into our extensive stone flooring collection and let nature's artistry be the foundation of your living spaces. Our showroom in Rochester, NY, serves Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, Binghamton, NY, Utica, NY, Ithaca, NY, and Cortland, NY. Call Tile Wholesalers of Rochester today!
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