separating wheat from chaff in your remodel: three tile projects that punch above their weight class

Revitalizing your living space? Sometimes, what begins as a burst of design ideas can turn into a financial burden. Fear not?specific projects can create a significant impact without draining your funds. Following is a different kind of re-design, one that aligns with your unique personal style and adds up to more than the sum of its price tag.

Step One: Find Your Eye

Remodeling a room can be an exciting adventure. Transforming our living spaces can bring us new energy, more peace, or renewed inspiration. But there?s nothing like a runaway budget to take the energy, peace, and inspiration away.

To protect your design project from the spending spiral, start with the most important fundamental: your style. Designing and maintaining a space that feels like you is more important than finding the kind of furniture and wall art you see in lookbooks and catalogues. Are you drawn to modern, sleek designs, or do you prefer a more rustic and traditional look? Do you want to relax in an airy, open room or a protective, private space? Taking stock of your preferences and making a mental log of the textiles, materials, colors, and furnishings you love will help you take a mindful and measured approach to your space.

With your dream style in mind, you?re ready to tackle one task at a time.

Step Two: Enhance Your Everyday

Once you?ve taken stock, resist the temptation to go big off the bat. Hold off on the drywall and observe the small details in your space - the colors, textures, and patterns - and see if they align. These seemingly insignificant elements can become the small building blocks of your big change.


With a Splash:?The average adult spends at least?an hour in their kitchen daily. Your backsplash is a design cue that?s always in the background of that hour; changing it can redefine the room. Go bold with vibrant hues or play with patterns like subway tiles or herringbone designs to add visual interest and create a focal point in your kitchen. When you?re making your selection, consider maintenance and durability; backsplashes see moisture, heat, and splatters, so ceramic or porcelain tiles are great choices. Our showroom has a?tile option?for any design style you land on.

Artistic Tile

So Fresh, So Clean:?A shower redesign will bring style, elegance, and energy to your every morning. Natural stone tile brings unique veining patterns and natural beauty. Mosaic tile offers endless possibilities for creativity. Mix and match different colors and materials to create intricate patterns and eye-catching focal points.?

The Little Things:?Small tile projects can enhance various areas throughout your home. Rejuvenate your fireplace by incorporating a relaxing, neutral tile surround. Consider a?bold tile bar?and watch the whole room transform, and extend the look to your backyard with matching accents, mosaic patio stones, or tiled paths through your garden.

The 80/20 Principle

If 80% of the design impact comes from 20% of the inputs, tile is 100% the place to start. By understanding your own sense of style and focusing first on the backsplash, the shower, and the little touches in the house, you?ll be well on your way to your dream design.

As you tackle the remaining 20%, opt for timeless choices that will be relevant through future remodel urges. Remember that style, planning, selection, and installation aren?t roads to walk alone. Partner with providers who want to materialize your vision, and consult with them on anything from style choices to contractors to care tips. At Tile Wholesalers, our?team?is always there to help?book an appointment with one of our specialists and tell us what you?re tackling first.?

With careful planning and thoughtful choices, you?ll create a renewed and refreshed space that elevates your every day without overspending or over-complicating. Start with the simple vision, find the colors and textiles you love, collaborate with professionals, and most importantly, have fun!
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