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A Spa Getaway at Home

Apr 25th, 2019

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Who wouldn’t want a spa day every day? Spas are the epitome of luxury and relaxation and with a few design tips, you could turn your bathroom into your personal spa getaway!  

Spas often use naturalistic elements to promote relaxation. Florida Tile’s Berkshire collection is sure to provide spa-like feel to your bathroom design.

Bringing natural elements into your bathroom like Toemi stone products will give it a relaxed, outdoor feel.

These wood-inspired Original Style tiles also bring nature indoors. An extra benefit is that they are actually made of porcelain so they will stand up to daily use!

Marble has always signified sophistication and luxury. Marble System’s tiles will bring these qualities to any bathroom.

Another key to the spa design is keeping things elegant and clean. With all the other elements in play, having a backsplash like this from Lunda Bay can bring the whole room together.