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Handmade & Specialty Tile

About Handmade & Specialty Tile

Handmade & specialty tiles are highly sought after in the design industry, and provide an unmatched look. Each tile is a unique work of art, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Our handmade & specialty tiles are handcrafted every step of the way with beautiful variation. You will find customized handmade tile and specialty tile options that work for any type of installation, big or small.

In our showroom we have handmade & specialty tiles from the leading manufacturers around the world. We carry a vast selection from artists around the world, and our design consultants are here to help you find the handmade tile most suitable for you!

Handmade & Specialty Tile Manufacturers

Through our partnerships with over 30 of the most well-known tile manufacturers in the world, you can choose from an extensive collection of handmade & speciality tile from top brands including:

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