designing a home that boosts well-being

Architects, designers, and homeowners are increasingly looking to create environments that support our mental and physical health. Many of our customers visiting our showroom express their desire of creating clean, sanitary, and zen spaces.

Here are four ways to promote physical and mental health in your home.


Increased hours of sunlight heighten the brain?s production of the mood-enhancing chemical serotonin. Studies have discovered that the more sunlight we are exposed to, the more serotonin we produce. Exposure to light is essential for maintaining the body?s natural rhythm, and sunlight during the day is key. Arrange furniture to benefit from the light coming in from the windows in the room.?

Bring the Outdoors Inside:

Purify the air with a living wall. Plants have a calming effect and have been shown to decrease levels of anxiety and increase attentiveness. In addition to plants, the use of natural materials can help establish a healthy indoor environment. Try using natural stone or a?wood-look porcelain tile?for your floors.?WOW Design?s 60 Degrees Collection?comes in three wood-tone colors that pair well with added greenery and natural light.

Create Open, Organized Spaces:

Enclosed environments with clutter can be distracting and overstimulating. Pro-tip: use?large-format tile?to make your space feel larger and more open. Take time to declutter and organize your space to help increase focus and improve productivity. Here are a few ways to organize your home this holiday season.

Use Safe Materials:

Questionable chemicals lurk in many common home-renovation materials. Tile is one of the?safest materials?for your home as it offers hypoallergenic options and is impervious to dust mites, fungi, mold, and other irritants. The tile in our showroom is eco-friendly, easy to clean and maintain, and pairs with Microban? - an antimicrobial additive.

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