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Unconventional Places to Use Tile that will Beautify Your Home

Apr 28th, 2023

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Most people recognize tile as the material of choice for building durable mudroom floors, resilient kitchen backsplashes, or bathroom showers. But don’t overlook the impeccable style and longevity that tile can bring to other areas to create unforgettable home designs.

Below are six unique and uncommon places to incorporate tile that will set your home apart. Placed indoors, outdoors, on floors, or on ceilings, let us demonstrate how this versatile design material is truly worthy of the spotlight.


Artistic Tile Custom-Cut Walden Glass Mosaic and Custom Azul Quartzite Slab

Bring the beauty of tile to your backyard and create an outdoor space guaranteed to stun guests. This spectacular blue-hued oasis crafted from Artistic Tile custom materials is a great example of how to transform your patio into a home entertainer’s paradise


Anthology Matisse Moonstone Tile and Moonstone 5x5 Tile

A tiled fireplace adds distinct character to your living space and will be a show-stopping focal point. This playful take on the monochrome trend by Anthology features tiles in different textures to create a dynamic centerpiece that instantly commands attention.

Outdoor Bars

Crossville – Sideview Glass in Gold

For a festive way to liven up your outdoor bar, incorporate an eye-catching tile like this one from Crossville. We particularly admire how this design uses a vibrant gold tile on the bar’s underside to add a more subtle hint of gilded glamor to the space.  

Dining Rooms

Arto – Tierra Madre 8” Blonde Hexagon Pattern

This example from Arto masterfully shows how tile can dazzle in your dining room. Considering most dedicate this space to holding the home's most special occasions, adding tile to your dining room is an excellent way to make these cherished gatherings all the more memorable.

Accent Walls

Sonoma Tilemakers – Mirazur Copa in Zaranda

Instead of using traditional paint or wallpaper, design your accent wall with tile for a unique element of contrast. This gray ceramic tile from Sonoma Tilemakers works gorgeously with the surrounding white to add geometric texture and movement to the space.


Original Style – Blenheim 5 Color Victorian Floor Tile

Make your foyer sing with personality by incorporating a charm-filled tile like this one from Original Style. Tiled foyers make for strong first impressions of your home and will have guests excited for what’s to come before they’ve fully stepped through the front door.

The unconventional places in this list are undoubtedly ideal canvases for working with tile. Still, we’ve only scratched the surface – you might also consider a tiled dog bath or wash station, tiled stairs, and the list goes on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your tile-design dreams a reality in your home.