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Reimagining Your Kitchen During Quarantine

Jun 4th, 2020

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Lately, we’ve found ourselves spending more time in our kitchens. Quarantining has a way of making us all banana bread and sourdough masters. This extra kitchen time means that we’re thinking about the functionality and space in our kitchen and the colors, textures, and design styles to fulfill our kitchen needs. Tile is a great way to reimagine your kitchen. Are you considering installing a new backsplash or some white subway tile with colored grout? We have the materials for all of your kitchen dreams at Tile Wholesalers of Rochester!

Experiment with textured tiles for a trendy backsplash design. The Andalucia collection from Walker Zanger is handmade and designed with layered shapes creating a timeless, traditional look showcasing artisan beauty. 

Minimalist all-white kitchen styles are a great way to make your space feel more open. White subway tile brightens up the kitchen and the island makes it functional for dining with your whole family. 

This sleek Alys Edwards tile is a great way to reflect light and make your kitchen space feel larger. Plus, the metallic tiles will make your kitchen feel modern and breathtaking. It’s a win-win!

Transform your kitchen into a beach retreat. These Lunada Bay tiles are perfect to satisfy your wanderlust. Even better, blue tiles will make a space feel calm and inviting.

For more inspiration, check out these Tile Trends or stop by our showroom. The manufacturers we carry can be found here.