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Natural Elements

Feb 27th, 2019

by Tile Wholesalers

Going for a natural look is not necessarily a new trend, but contemporary trends have emerged that focus on the aesthetics of natural materials like wood and stone. Commonly referred to as wood-look or stone-look, these tiles are often made from conventional materials, but imitate the appearance of, for example, the grain of wood planking. The use of this trend is to blend holistic, natural tones into conventional design settings.

Wood-Look from Anatolia

Offered in a variety of colors ranging from Tobacco to Ash (pictured above), Anatolia's Amaya Wood is a perfect pick for completing any natural look. This tile blends just as well with dark fabrics as it does with wood furniture.

Wood-Look from Crossvile

It is often the case that a rustic feel is desired as part of a contemporary yet natural look; Crossvile provides the ideal candidate with SpeakEasy in Sweet Georgia Brown. Wood-Look can really benefit from dark, worn-in colors that integrate well in designs consisting of wood and leather furniture.

Stone-Look from Marble Systems

Many stone-look tiles can be used as statement pieces while maintaining a naturalistic aesthetic. Ivory Travertine from Marble Systems exemplifies the subtle ruggedness that is ideal for many kitchens and bathrooms. Textured surfaces and oblong rectangular patterns offer a rough yet elegant setting.

The CleftStone Works for Stone-Look

CleftStone’s China Multicolor Slate is another great example of a rustic addition, the wood frame, large double-panes and multicolor slate come together for a completely natural feel. In an application like this, the borders between inside and out become blended and superficial.