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National Tile Day 2023: A Tour Of Our Tile

Feb 22nd, 2023

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

February 23, 2023, marks National Tile Day – an annual celebration of the craftsmanship of tile and the beauty it brings to transform spaces everywhere. This year, we’re joining in on the festivities the best way we know how: by guiding you through some of our unrivaled and diverse collections.

Featured below are selections from each of our ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, concrete, specialty, metal, and mosaic tiles. Although each product spotlight represents only one of many fabulous choices, we hope this guide will get you in the holiday spirit, inspire further exploration, and help you determine which of our tiles will be the perfect fit for your home.

Ceramic Tile

Anatolia Teramoda Collection - Emerald Glazed Ceramic

Ceramic tile is known for having versatile usage at a great value, making it one of our most popular materials. Molded from natural clay, ceramic tile comes in a variety of stunning finishes and colors, easily elevating your room design to the next level. 

The backsplash pictured here features the Emerald Glazed Tile from the Teramoda collection by Anatolia. Browse Anatolia’s other ceramic offerings including their light and bright Soho, modern Marlow, and exotic Marrakesh collections.

Porcelain Tile

Crossville Tile - Owen Stone in Sable

Famous for its higher density and damage resistance, think of porcelain tile as ceramic’s stronger and even more durable sister. Porcelain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and is great for flooring that will stay beautiful for years on end.

This bathroom floor and wall showcase Sable Owen Stone by Crossville Tile. If dark brown isn’t the shade you’re looking for, Crossville Tile also carries Owen Stone in light gray, beige, taupe, and charcoal. 

Natural Stone Tile

Marble Systems - Calacatta Amber Marble Collection

For a timeless look that never ceases to impress, use natural stone tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor design. With its high functionality and naturally gorgeous finish, stone tiling imparts an elegant effect that never loses its delight.

Featured here is the Calacatta Amber Marble from Marble Systems. Given the brand’s namesake, it’s no surprise that Marble System’s natural stone selection includes a wide array of marble, limestone, quartzite, granite, and more.

Glass Tile

Sonoma Tilemakers Astoria Collection - Tumbler Pattern in Gibson

The effortless allure of glass tiling makes any interior appear instantly more radiant. Available in practically any color or pattern, glass is completely customizable to work with and a dream for showcasing your own unique style.

This airy blue backsplash features Sonoma Tilemakers’ glass Astoria Collection. View Sonoma Tilemakers other offerings, including styles in their playful Hustle, sophisticated Montage, and nature-inspired Vihara collections.

Concrete Tile

Arto Tile Artillo Collection - Arabesque Winslet Blend

Concrete tile is well loved for its understated appeal and rustic charm. Its remarkable ability to enhance both casual and elegant settings makes concrete the most budget-friendly tile for the job. 

Arto Tile offers an impressive array of concrete options, including this one pictured from their Artillo collection. Other interesting designs from their cement tile collection include the Santa Clara, Matilija, and Ibiza display boards.

Specialty and Handmade Tile

Artistic Tile - Hip 2B Square Green with Brass Mosaic

Transform your design space into a work of art with our selection of specialty and handmade tiles. Highly revered and available in a variety of materials and sizes, each tile masterpiece is sure to evoke “oohs” and “ahhs” from each of your delighted houseguests. 

One of the most renowned brands, Artistic Tile, has become synonymous with producing exceptionally handcrafted tiles. The one depicted here is their Hip 2B Square Mosaic. If green isn’t your preference, there are plenty more specialty tiles to choose from, which can be entirely customized to your specific needs.

Metal Tile 

Sonoma Tilemakers Taboo Collection - Gable pattern in shade Fringe

Dazzling, shimmering, and never boring, metallic tile brings the bling you never knew you needed. Surprisingly easy to clean and maintain, metal tile featured on a wall will make a glamorous statement, or use it for smaller accents that add a subtle, luxurious touch.

Sonoma Tilemakers offers a stunning array of metallic tiles, including this one from their Taboo collection. This gilded gold Fringe color is accompanied by the shades silver Electra, midnight Nomad, and bluish-black Scout.

Mosaic Tile

Anthology Fantasy Collection - Moderne Fanfare Mosaic

Mosaic tile adds immediate intrigue to your space with its amazing depth of texture and matching of colors. From kitchen walls to bathroom floors, mosaic can live on any surface to serve as your home’s next show-stopping feature.

This captivating cool-toned mosaic tile hails from the Fantasy collection by Anthology. Other mosaics scattered throughout Anthology’s selection include the Arabesque mosaic from the Chic collection, the Adley Grey mosaic from the D-Lux Pearl collection, and the Beam Lagoon mosaic from the Glassique collection. 

If our tour through tile got you feeling inspired, book an appointment with us today and see our wonderful selection in person! Thanks for celebrating National Tile Day with us, and we hope to see you in our showroom soon.