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Flowers Blooming and Bright Colors

May 14th, 2019

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Spring is the time of year for the sun to shine and flowers to bloom. We are all about bright colors, you should be too! Help make spring last year round by adding some bright colors to your home. Whether it be subtle or bold, bright colors are sure to boost your mood any time of year.  If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into this new, bright world, look at this brief sampling.

Adex USA’s Riviera Collection, with its light color and glossy finish, is sure to draw the eye and will cause a great looking balance against light appliances. This collection also comes in a variety of colors from bright red to a beautiful gray and every color in between.

If you don’t want you entire room to be full of bright colors, why not try brighter backsplash? This Walker Zanger Studio Modern is a 3D textured backsplash that helps bring some vibrance and dimension to the room, contrasting with the blue cabinets.

If you’re truly feeling ambitious, try out this WOW Blac Et Bleu flooring! This fun flooring comes in a variety of vintage designed styles for you to choose from.

Alys Edwards’ Half Baked Collection is the perfect collection for bright colors. With a wide variety of colors and gloss, this collection is sure to help make your house bright. The Whisk Me Away Tile helps bring brightness against these fun appliances and shelving!