the versatility of subway tile

Subway tile is a timeless classic. Typically characterized by its rectangular shape, it?s morphed over the years from the standard and stark white we know and love. Now, many tile manufacturers carry subway tiles in an abundance of colors, finishes, and textures. While varying the hues of your subway tile is a great way to freshen up the look and feel of your space, you can also mix up the layout of your subway tile. In?this video, we feature six different ways to lay your subway tile. Below, we expand on those ways and provide some inspiration for when it's used in a setting.

Stacked Horizontal

Everybody loves the classic stacked horizontal look. As shown in the laundry room photo below, it?s a great option for a simple look for rooms with defined lines.?

Photo courtesy of?Crossville Inc

Stacked Horizontal ? Offset Row

When doing the well-loved Stacked Horizontal, consider incorporating offset rows. It?s a great way to add a unique spin without losing the simplicity of subway tile, which is why many choose it in the first place.

Photo Courtesy of?Remodelista?

Horizontal ? Offset

Photo courtesy of?ADEX USA

Vertical Stacked

Tile stacked vertically in neat rows is the perfect option for those looking for symmetry and length. When done in a floor-to-ceiling fashion, it can help add the perception of height to a space, as shown in the setting below.

Photo courtesy of?WOW

Vertical Stacked ? Offset Row

As shown in the photo below, Vertical Stacked ? Offset Row is another great option to change up the layout of your subway tile. This is great when used in minimalist settings and to add a little variance to an otherwise simplistic look.?

Photo courtesy of?Sonoma Tilemakers


Herringbone is one of our favorite ways to lay subway tile! It can add so much interest to a space, and is especially fun when using different colors and glazes to create a varied look. Or stick to black and matte with pops of color coming from accessories, as shown in the picture below.?

Photo courtesy of?Sonoma Tilemakers

What?s your favorite way to lay subway tile? Feel free to comment on?this post?to let us know! And if you?d like help finding the subway tile that?s best for your space,?set up an appointment?with us so we can get you started.