laticrete's latest: introducing 4,000+ profiles and trims

It?s the little things that take a room from good to great, and Laticrete?s taken care of every detail you can think of with the launch of Profiles and Trims. Consisting of 4,000+ styles, Profiles and Trims is a comprehensive line of edging, nosing, and transitions. Each piece is meticulously engineered and manufactured in Germany, adhering to the highest quality standards for a design that lasts through the wear and tear of a well-used space.

Scroll through the featured looks below to learn more about the collection, now proudly carried in our Rochester?showroom.

Laticrete: Our Partner in Tile

Laticrete is a leading manufacturer of construction solutions, offering a wide range of products for tile and stone installations, adhesives, waterproofing materials, and more. With decades of experience, Laticrete has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of architects, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts.

Profiles and trims bring installations to the next aesthetic level. They add a polished and professional finish to edges and corners, provide protection against chipping, cracking, and other damages, and create e seamless transitions between different tile surfaces. The result is a durable, visually appealing, and cohesive design.

A Crafstman?s Focus: Profiles and Trims

The breadth of Laticrete's latest product line meets the style needs of any project. 75 types of forms are available in 17 heights and more than 50 finishes, using 5 different materials: PVC, aluminum, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, and brass.

Perfecting the Edges

The new line offers a selection of profiles for different tile widths and design materials. These profiles are designed to create a clean and precise edge, leaving no room for imperfections. Whether a straight edge or a gentle curve, Laticrete profiles ensure a flawless finish.

Hidden Transitions

Achieving a smooth transition between tile surfaces is easy with this selection of trims. Available in various designs, the line allows for seamless connections between different types of tiles, such as ceramic to porcelain or tile to carpet. The trims solve for style and for safety, enhancing the aesthetics and protecting the edges from damage.

Tailored Solutions

Laticrete understands that different tile installations require different solutions. Profiles and Trims is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. From bathrooms and kitchens to large public spaces, Laticrete has the perfect solution for every project. An easy-install design makes them DIY friendly, and their straightforward installation process makes them a great choice for a hassle-free experience during larger projects.

Picking the Right Profile and Trim Piece for Your Project

Selecting the right profile and trim depends on several factors, including tile thickness, material, design preferences, and the specific requirements of the installation area. Here are some essential tips to help you make the best choice for your project:

  1. Consider the type of tiles you are using - ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, etc.
  2. Measure the tile thickness accurately to match a compatible profile or trim.
  3. Determine the desired style and finish that complements your overall design.
  4. Account for the surface and purpose of the installation to select the appropriate solution.

Our?design specialists?would love to walk you through those steps and find the Laticrete project that will take your?design to the edge.