five reasons tile is for everyone

The design possibilities with tile are endless. Just like fashion, tile offers individuals the chance to express themselves and explore their style. Here at Tile Wholesalers of Rochester, we have a wide selection of tile to choose from, available in different colors, sizes, and materials.

Over time, tile constantly adapts to the trends of the moment and never fails to disappoint, sparking creativity and expression.

That?s why we believe tile offers options and practicality for everyone. If you don?t agree, allow us to showcase just a few of the reasons why tile is undeniably versatile and universal no matter your tastes or preferences.

The Glitz and the Glam:

As Fergie put it, ?G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah.? If you?d like your interior to showcase a luxurious and elegant feeling, tile is a great way to do that.

Create a timeless look with a touch of glitz and glam to make your home stylish and sophisticated without being overwhelming. Create a chic, sleek, and modern space for years to come with a boujee?backsplash?or statement accent wall. After all,?diamonds are everyone?s best friend.

Showcase gold accents with?Calypso Ombre Cream Blend?from Artistic Tile (champagne not included).

Endless Patterns and Colors:

Patterns galore! There is significant appeal to?patterned tile?- bright colors and bold patterns bring an unmatched aesthetic to your interiors. If you?re not a fan of the popular minimalistic design that many are drawn to these days, don?t worry. Tile offers a truly unique ability to?mix and match patterns?and create trendy, vibrant eye-catching looks.

Not to mention, tile is available in every shade you can think of. How many design elements can you actually get in?pink? Tile is?one of them! We?re always featuring the Pantone Color of the year, including 2022?s?Very Peri. Our selection of?beautiful blues?will leave you feeling anything BUT blue.

Browse?Unique Design Solutions?patterned tile for your next project!


While many people are looking to stand out, some of us just want to blend in and opt for a more natural, organic vibe.

Bring the?outdoors inside with tile.?There?s nothing better than being able to combine all of the benefits of tile while simultaneously creating your favorite wood look.

Wood-look porcelain tile?can be used in any room, even water-prone areas like bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Wood-inspired porcelain tiles offer the natural beauty of hardwood, but with the qualities of porcelain tile. Replicate realistic textures and colors that make it nearly indistinguishable, while boasting extreme durability.

You can even opt for camouflage?mosaics,?neutral palettes, and?gorgeous shades of green.

Check out?Florida Tile?s?wood-look porcelain collection for inspiration.


Your pets will give tile the stamp of approval. Tile is one of the best flooring options for pets because it is durable, scratch-resistant, stain and water-resistant, and easy to clean. Plus, your pets will love to lay out on the coolest, most hygienic flooring option. Once tile is installed properly, it's difficult to damage or stain. Our furry friends sure do love rolling around in the dirt and mud, but no one wants all that mess tracked into the house.

Pro-tip: Incorporate a?dog bath or wash station?in your mudroom.

How can you resist the cuteness in this photo from?Sonoma Tilemakers?

It?s not Carpet!

When comparing tile to carpet, tile has proven to be cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, easier to keep clean, allergy-free, and stain-resistant. Plus, we offer complete customization. Missing the warmth of a soft rug? We have underfloor heating for that! And, in our totally unbiased opinion, tile is simply cooler.

Cozy, crisp and clean featuring tile from one of our manufacturers,?Walker Zanger.

I hope by now we?ve convinced you that no matter what your vision is, we can help turn your dream space into a reality with tile. If you?re looking to incorporate tile into your home, we?re happy to help! Schedule an appointment?with us?online?or stop by our showroom at 1136 East Ridge Road.