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Pairings: Black & White

Mar 12th, 2019

by Tile Wholesalers

Depending on who you ask, or even when you ask it, many different people will adopt different preferences in the realm of color pairings. There have certainly been trends and fads over the years, but no other pairings have stood the stylistic test of time as well as black and white. It’s an obvious fit, so intuitive, and simultaneously easy to overlook.

Jet Black from Original Style

Taking the Black and White route in a world full of vibrant colors is a very bold choice, so you might as well take it to the limit. These half tiles of Jet Black, from Original Style, are deep and glossy. This style creates a lot of negative space and works great with metallic accents, like the gold pictured above.

Perfect White from Walker Zanger 

The Black and White aesthetic is always a great choice for kitchens, particularly when combined with white complimentary cabinets, countertops and furniture. Sterling Row from Walker Zanger is beautiful porcelain design that goes perfect with a Black and White theme.

Band Decor from WOW

Using deep blacks is a great choice, but if you want something subtler you can push the colors into the grayscale to get something more muted, while still maintaining the contrast that black and white combinations offer. WOW’s Band Decor comes in a variety of grays that allow for subtle contrasts in a variety of settings.

Bliss from Florida Tile

Mosaics can also thrive with this color scheme, and even accent rooms with an existing Black and White dynamic. Bliss from Florida Tile comes in Black Timber and Midnight, both of which are great choices!