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Better Together: A DIY Guide to Combining Tile & Textiles

Oct 24th, 2023

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

The art of combining design elements – size, color, texture, and pattern – to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing space is a sign of design confidence. From the lush comfort of a well-placed throw to the cool slab of natural stone tile, colors, and textures shape the ambiance of a room. Combining complementary and contrasting colors, textures, and materials can make all the difference in a room. In this blog post, we lend some inspiration and share some best practices on the art of the blend.

Pairing Styles for Wall and Floor Tile

Original Style

Size, color, and pattern are at play with this bold and impressive combination. Consider using bolder looks like this for small, contained spaces like bathrooms or nooks. This rich wall tile is playing off of the pattern of the floor tile, which is picking up the color scheme used throughout the rest of the room. Area rugs can help to define zones and bring in new textures and colors, anchoring furniture groupings and adding a cozy feel.

Making Space by Mixing Textures

Florida Tile

Texture is another essential element to consider in your design planning. Combining ceramic or porcelain tile with wood, natural stone tile, glass tile, or metal can adds interest to a room and opens up the space. This smooth countertop plays with the plush cubes of the sofa for a memorable look.

Furniture: Your Personal Gallery

Marble Systems

Great furniture can be an art piece–whether it’s brand new or carries that vintage charm of a great thrift find. By opting for tile that directs the eye around the room, you can give your furniture the perfect backdrop to be properly seen and enjoyed. Opt for a sleek, modern design or a timeless, classic pattern; whatever makes your existing pieces shine.

Letting the Light In


Lighting determines the mood of a room, and textiles play a crucial role in how the light comes in. Sheer curtains allow natural light to filter through gently–a soft and inviting ambiance–while velvety furniture and rich colors absorb the light that comes in. When you’re shopping for floor, wall, and backsplash tile, consider how it will direct the lighting environment. Light tile colors in ceramic and glass styles will brighten up a space. Mosaics create beautiful patterns when the light hits them correctly, and natural stone tile will absorb much of the light that comes in for a softer-toned space. Add in decorative lampshades and pendant lights for an extra layer of texture and style.

Light also changes how the colors in the room are present, and color is one of the most powerful tools a DIY-er or designer has in their toolkit. It’s the perfect glue to tie in fabrics, patterns, and furniture together. Echo the hue of your sofa in your throw pillows, or match the curtains to the accent colors in your artwork. The result is a cohesive and visually pleasing room, one in which you can take more risks with your tile selections.

Getting Outside

Sonoma Tilemakers

Don't forget about the great outdoors when considering tile combinations. As a base, large format natural stone tile makes for an airy and expansive feel, perfect for decks and patios. Here it’s beautifully paired with small, colorful glass tile, pulling the eye toward the hot tub. This is a great way to differentiate a space like a hot tub or the backsplash of an outdoor kitchen. Play off of the colors in both of the tile styles with your patio furniture, cushions, and rugs. 

The art of combining tile, textiles, and other design elements is a creative and fulfilling part of interior design. Be bold in your experimentation with different tile colors, materials, patterns, and sizes. Your home will thank you with a new look and unique vibe that captures your style.

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