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Analysis Paralysis? How to Find Confidence in Your Size and Shade Selections

Oct 23rd, 2023

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Fall is here in full force. Spring might bring the urge to clean, but Fall calls on every DIY-er and designer to tackle that room that needs a little extra love. Small and bold picks in tile sizes and shades can completely transform a room–but how can we make those picks with confidence? 

We’ve worked with hundreds of designers over the years and watched their process from start to finish. From rugs to fabrics to furniture to installations, we want you to be confident and inspired in choosing the best tile sizes and shades for your space. Here are a few designs that have our hearts this Fall; read through them for some inspiration, and book a consultation with one of our experts today!

A Splash of Blue

Our manufacturing partner, Artistic Tile, provides incredible, hand-selected options for any look you’re going for. On full display in this kitchen, the gold accent in the backsplash tile provides a beautiful accent to the cooler tone cabinets. The slight blue tint in the tile brings out the correlation-rich hue of the cabinets and countertops. Using this large format size and like-kind shade for the backsplash and the counter helps bring this kitchen together for a bold and cohesive look. Find all the inspiration you could need by visiting the Artistic Tile website, and stop by our showroom to see samples in person.

Getting Brighter

This bathroom design shows how combined shades and sizes can make a fresh look without losing sophistication. This Rosa Volakas and Geotzzo Squares Grey Bathroom tile makes this bathroom full of freshness. Lighter colors provide a brighter effect when matched with a colorful accent, maximizing the pop of this baby-pink sink.

Go Gold

We love this Gold Shimmer Linear Mosaic tile from Unique Design Solutions–the perfect pop of color for a Fall-friendly design. Think about the details that you want to highlight in your kitchen. The glass tile in a mosaic pattern picks up perfectly on the brass cook set and sets up the right backdrop for an elegant, clean kitchen look. Use it for a wall or backsplash installation and watch the tones in your space come to life.

Vanilla Bean Feeling

Wanting to hang on to bright summer days? Worried about the coming season when 4 pm starts feeling like midnight? Check out the Groove Vanilla Onyx Fireplace tile design. It has the perfect amount of subtle detail while keeping a blank canvas that can be paired with any color scheme. We love how this look adds the right amount of calm and comfort–a relevant and elegant look for any season.

Here are some tips from our design experts to feel secure in your seasonal tile picks:

1. Choose your project–the space that you want to re-imagine or create–and decide on your timeline and budget.

2. Choose a theme. Is it a rich, cozy room you’re craving? Want to see simple, open, blank canvas shades?

3. Understand the dimensions of your design. Would larger tiles be the best look? What would smaller tiles do to the way the eye moves around the room, or where might you be able to combine different sizes?

4. Take a test run. Prioritize seeing the tile you’re envisioning in person before you start. You can walk right into our Rochester showroom to see swatches and take samples home. 

5. Sleep on it. If you wake up inspired, come back to our showroom to place your order. If it wasn’t quite right, come back to our showroom, browse our selection, and repeat!