Three Season Rooms

Jan 25th, 2019

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

Three season rooms are becoming increasingly popular, providing homeowners with an open space to entertain and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area. When designing one of these rooms, careful considerations must be made. Take a look at some of our favorite features to add to a three season room.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Some will choose to use inefficient space heaters to compensate for early spring and late fall chills in three season rooms, but a heated floor from Warm Up (above) is a much better option. Using a heating system under tile is a great option for keeping the room looking pristine and staying warm.

Electric heating provides warmth throughout an entire room, taking minutes rather than hours to heat up. Durable, ultra-thin heating wires spread heat evenly and will not raise floor levels. As these heating systems radiate heat, the warmth is evenly distributed from floor to ceiling. This results in a 25% more efficient heating system than the average air heating system.

Rustic Chic

Add a rustic look to any three season room with the Artillo Picket Set in Charcoal Grey, from Arto. This design flows nicely in open spaces and combines well with natural elements. These cement tiles carry a distinct patio look that enhances those natural tones.

Subtlety and Minimalism

When going for a grounded minimalistic look, earthy tones of Structure, by Crossville Inc, bring an open room together and appear vibrant in natural light. Coupling colors like Timber and Gypsum in a three season room (as pictured above) grounds it’s scheme and subtly opens it up to blending with lighter colors on the walls and furniture.