Summer Tile Trends

Aug 5th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

summer tile trends

We love this beautiful, warm bathroom with unique tiles!

Summer is heating up, and so are these tile trends! As Summer 2018 flies by, we would like to stop and reflect on some of the hottest tile trends of the season. These unique styles and designs are here to stay and here's why!

Shades of Blue

While blue was previously relegated only to bathroom spaces, we are now seeing shades of blue tile all over the home. A blue tiled backsplash is the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen space. Plus, these shades are sure to make your home feel like summer all year long!

blue tile kitchen summer shade

Textured & 3D Tile

Are you looking for a way to slightly change up your space? There are so many ways to use textured tile that there is a style for everyone. If you're feeling bold, our 3D tile makes a statement that will be sure to get you tons of compliments!

3d bathroom tile

Rectified Tile

If you saw our last blog post, you can see that rectified tile is a great choice for any tile installation. Rectified tile looks seamless and eliminates large grout lines. Plus, we have rectified tile at many price points and in many styles!

rectified tile kitchen floor

Colorful Grout

Colorful grout is all the rage this year. While not necessarily tile, grout is what goes in between the tiles. Accenting between the tiles with a colored grout can completely transform the look of the tile and the space!

Colored grout on kitchen wall, blue and white

Statement Mosaics

We're sure you have seen the mosaic tile trend around. We are also sure that it is here to stay because of its durability and uniqueness. Bring some statement mosaics into your home to make your home feel like a getaway!

beautiful wall mosaic tile

Earthy Elements

Are you looking for long lasting durable tile? Then you should think about wood look porcelain and stone tiles. Why? Earthy tiles are strong and stunning! As a bonus, they can have you feeling relaxed and at ease.

earthy tone wood tile flooring

Thinking of incorporating any of these trends into your next project? Swing by our showroom to learn more!