Patterns 101

Mar 12th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers


.Which pattern is your favorite?

Colorful designs and interesting surfaces can rejuvenate rooms. When picking the perfect tile, consider using an interesting pattern and layout technique to elevate your design, polish your space, and even add to the resale value of your home. Two tiles may have the same color, but it is ultimately the patterns that create the look.

You can add texture with tile to incorporate pattern, while defining zones and focal points, and bringing a space to life. Here are a few pattern tips and tricks to try!

  1. Mixing natural and tactile textures can add a depth and warmth to an otherwise flat design. Natural-fiber looking tile flooring and a brick wall pair well together. Florida Tile has an exciting new collection, mybrick, that reproduces an exposed brick look with porcelain stoneware. The Amayawood collection from Anatolia Tile and Stone provides a realistic finish with detailed knots and prevalent wood grain. Combining these different types of textures and offset patterns can give a cozy feel to a room and dampen sound. Both of these lines are available in our Rochester showroom.
  2. Using a decorative border separates spaces and enhances points of interest. Borders can be curved works of art, like waves, or simple rectangular mosaics. They are also practical, as chair rails keep scuff marks off your walls, while also providing a visual line of demarcation that gives you the opportunity to have two different design areas on a wall. You can also combine accent tiles with simple border tile to create fascinating design ribbons that act as backsplashes around a countertop.Original Style has beautiful tile borders available in a whole spectrum of colors, glossy and crackle finishes, and many different sizes and styles. Come to our showroom to check out the diverse tile borders in person.
  3. An easy way to create a unique space is with unique shapes! Hexagons and diamonds create an unmatched look. One step further, try experimenting with three-dimensional shapes. WOW and Walker Zanger have some of the most interesting 3D tiles on the market. Take traditional ceramic to the next level when you incorporate unexpected surfaces, and the light and shadow projected from them. Find these nontraditional shapes in our showroom!

There is so much you can do with patterns and borders in your home to create a distinct look, and our showroom consultants at Tile Wholesalers would be delighted to help spark your imagination.

How do you use texture and pattern in your home? Leave us your thoughts below!