Minimalism: Why Less is More!

Sep 27th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

These days, the minimalist look is increasingly popular, and can be quite practical as well. We love the sophisticated and clean look that is also modern and chic. Paring things down to the basics can also help simplify your busy lifestyle. If you are looking to add minimalistic elements to your home for a freshly spruced space, here are our top 5 tips!

  1. Eliminate waste. Only keep the things in your home that you LOVE. It's time to clean out all that clutter. We know this can be tough, but try and eliminate those items in your home that you haven't used in years.
  2. Use light as a decoration. Play off the natural light by using big windows and placing mirrors across from them to make the space appear larger. Light can do wonders in your space and will make your space feel more inviting.
  3. Stick to one or two colors! Too many colors can be distracting and make the room appear cluttered and disorganized. With a few main colors, the space will appear large and comforting! Try accenting with a third color to add a bit of a pop.
  4. Use tile instead of wallpaper. Tile can add much needed texture and make your home look more modern and sleek! Wallpaper can appear dull, but a glossy tile can transform your space!
  5. Use large furniture. Lots of small furniture can cause clutter, not to mention more cleaning! A few pieces of large, unique furniture will make a contemporary yet minimalist look.

With its clean lines and emphasis on simplicity, the minimalist look can showcase some of the best elements of interior design. What do you think of the minimalist look? Will you be trying it out in your interiors?

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