Make Your Small Room LARGE!

Aug 30th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

open up your space

Open up your space with tile from Tile Wholesalers of Rochester.

Small room, no problem! Today, we are going to discuss ways to brighten up your space, making rooms feel larger and more open. Here are a few quick tips to easily and cost efficiently renovate those smaller spaces. We're here to tell you that a little bit of tile can go a long way! Plus, a space that appears larger is more likely to sell for a higher price and make your living experience feel serene and luxurious.

Bring on the light! Lighten up your space by incorporating tile that corresponds with natural light so that it bounces off the tile. Open up the windows and let the light out!

Stick with neutrals and lighter colors - if you are doing floor to ceiling tile or natural stone, keep it neutral and dress it up with color and darker hues in glass tile accents or patterns.

Keep it simple. Try and choose one or two main colors for the room to ensure that it does not appear cluttered and complex. Don't pile too many decorative pieces in the room. Rather, choose a few key pieces to emphasize.

Use alllll the tile! Floor to ceiling tile can make your space appear taller so that the eye draws upward. Plus, putting attention on the walls can distract from the size entirely.

Reflect on it! Similar to bringing in natural light, adding reflective tiles or mirrors can create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

We hope we've shown you how tile can transform your smaller spaces. We'd love to see you in our showroom located on East Ridge Road in Irondequoit. We're stocked with everything you need to make your small room LARGE on style!