How To Use Mosaic Tiles

Aug 30th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers of Rochester

lunada bay custom

Design a Custom Glass Mosaic Blend featuring your favorite Lunada Bay Tile patterns, colors and finishes!

Mosaics are an ideal element for personalizing your space, a definite kitchen and bathroom trend. Many of our manufacturers have been creating stunning mosaic tiles that are here to stay, including Walker Zanger, Sonoma Tilemakers, and Marble Systems. These tiles vary in size, color, and pattern, but are always sure to garner tons of compliments!

The big question is how can you use mosaic tiles? Oftentimes, people worry that they will look too busy. If these mosaic tiles are paired with classic neutral tile, they provide a pop of color that you will love. Plus, mosaic tiles can be neutral themselves. We recommend that these tiles are used in kitchens, bathrooms & outdoor areas especially. However, you can use mosaic tile anywhere in your home! You can even create a custom backsplash or floor rug that speaks to your hobby, history or passions.

Here are some of our favorite mosaic tile looks!

This Walker Zanger mosaic provides the perfect backsplash for the space.

This Lunada Bay mini mosaic proves that mosaics can be neutral colors and minimal patterns, with a little shimmer!

SYZYGY handmade mosaics can add the perfect amount of pizzazz to any room

Interested in incorporating mosaic tiles in your next project? We have a variety of mosaic tile in a wide price range. Plus, we have a warehouse of over 20,000 square feet with tile you can use today! Contact us today for more information!