Get Groovy with It: Groovy Tile from Our Showroom

Apr 12th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers

Opt for groovy and bold tile to make a statement in any room!

Life is about having fun! And your home should reflect that. Consider adding some groovy elements of design to your residential or commercial space. Bold patterns create an energy that bring the room to life, while establishing personality and character. When used properly, these fearless tiles can completely transform a room, adding a unique touch. Here are some eye-catching patterns from our showroom.

Sketchbook tiles from Walker Zanger are perfect for adding fun visual appeal to backsplashes, bathrooms, restaurants and retail spaces.

Make some noise with this Alyse Edwards collection, available in four colors including two liquid metals.

WOW the crowd with three-dimensional tiles from WOW!

The gilded collection from Alyse Edwards transforms the simple into something lavish. These groovy tiles are ritzy and glamorous.

The Elecdrix collection will add an electrifying element to a room. As Jimi Hendrix says, "Wild Thing, you make my heart sing."

If you're looking for some striking tile that will make a statement, we might just have what you're looking for! Stop by to shop our extensive showroom and meet our friendly staff.