The Mudroom Your Dog Loves

Feb 1st, 2019

by Tile Wholesalers

pug in a dog bath

Dogs sure do love rolling around in the dirt and mud, but no one wants all that mess tracked into the house. In an ideal world, every mudroom would have a small bath area to clean the family pet after a day of messy fun! Thinking about building a dog bath or wash station into your mudroom’s design? Take a look at how these baths can be a great addition for stylistic and practical reasons.

Black and white is always a good pairing, and this room is a perfect example. For the bath and backsplash, Neri, by Adex USA, in white with black grout are perfect for complementing white and black cabinets.

Options for darker color schemes are great for dog baths as well, and mud rooms in general. Brazil Black Slate, by Cleftstone Works, has a holistic feel that would be perfect for contrasting plain white walls.

The dog bath pictured above are a perfect example of the fusion of mudrooms and dog baths. Stellar in Azure, by Sonoma Tilemakers, looks great in this small bath area with contrasting, white grout, cabinets and appliances.