Designing the Perfect Backsplash

Oct 20th, 2017

by Tile Wholesalers

Backsplash tile in kitchen

Make a statement with an awesome backsplash!

So what exactly is a backsplash?

The term "backsplash" is used to define the vertical portion at the rear of a countertop. Today, the term "backsplash" is SO MUCH MORE!. A backsplash is essentially a blank canvas where homeowners can create an element which ties the entire room together or makes a statement that becomes a focal point in the room. The backsplash can often be the most difficult selection to make with the most reward!

Current backsplash trends

Glass: With its unique ability to reflect and harness light, glass brings interesting, radiant colors to any room. Combining glass sizes, textures and finishes allows for flexibility and three dimensional design.

Stone, Glass & Metal combination mosaics: linear and non-linear blends used to accent or to dominate – you decide what works best for you.

Ceramic Tile: From classic subway tile to boldly colored, ceramic is an excellent choice that helps you customize your kitchen beautifully. The latest finishes – matte, gloss and crackle as well as three dimensional and patterned tiles will give you the ability to reflect your own personal style.

Mirrored Tile: Instantly make your space feel larger with reflections -- it's unique and great for smaller kitchens! Mosaic tiles with antique mirror accents make the perfect addition to focal point areas of the kitchen or wet bar.

Don't forget the grout – shimmering grouts to combine with glass tiles and contrasting colors of grout add elements of color and shine to any backsplash.

Choosing the right tile for your backsplash

At Tile Wholesalers we will work with you to design a backsplash to meet not only your design desires but your functional needs. Our design consultants will discern your needs based on – Counter and Cabinet Color, Lighting, Focal Areas, Cooking and Prep Habits.

Visit Tile Wholesalers today and let us help determine what backsplash is best for you!