Choosing Rectified Tile

Jul 13th, 2018

by Tile Wholesalers

Choose rectified tile for your next project!

Have you heard of rectified tile? It is a relatively new trend in the tile industry that has many of us wondering "what exactly is rectified tile?" We're going to clear things up and dish about when you should be choosing a rectified tile.

Let's start with what it means. Rectified tiles are identical, because they are made with perfect edges and finished to be exactly the same as the others. You probably have not even noticed this, but non rectified tiles usually have very subtle dissimilarities.

Why does this matter? Most of the time, rectified tiles are not necessary. However, in large installations or if you are using large tiles, these small dissimilarities can become noticeable. Rectified tiles help create a cohesive and clean look that many prefer, while also allowing for easier installation. Furthermore, while some people enjoy the appearance of grout, others would like a more uninterrupted look. Rectified tiles lend themselves to less prominent grout lines and thus a more symmetrical appearance.

Overall, the introduction of rectified tile into the industry is great for home and business owners going for a nearly seamless look or opting for minimal grout lines. Stop by our showroom to learn more about rectified tiles and what they could do for your next project!